Global Master in Finance

In the 15-month Global Master in Finance program, our Blended Methodology takes modern business education to the next level. By combining the power of a unique international network of finance experts with an exceptional, world-class faculty, the Global Master in Finance produces a transformative, collaborative learning experience.

The program’s innovative Blended format allows ambitious professionals to continue learning, growing and connecting for the entire duration of the program. Regardless of your geographical location, travel schedules or work commitments, you’ll always be able to stay on top of what’s going on. Our faculty’s winning mix of exceptional career experience and strong academic profiles allows them to deliver a practical, up-to-date program that truly inspires change.

Enhance your knowledge in the Global Master in Finance, and launch the next phase of your career.

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  1. Gain top-quality knowledge and skills.
  2. Drive innovation, with core course content on FinTech and a focus on entrepreneurship.
  3. Embrace an outstanding community of global diversity and dive into a life-changing experience.

The Global Master in Finance is for executive professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in finance or a related field. Thanks to our flexible program design, you’ll be able to get your Master without sacrificing your promising career trajectory. The Global Master in Finance attracts some of the best financial talent from around the world. We help a wide variety of professionals realize their potential.


A truly global perspective

  • Our highly diverse student body is a testimony to our program’s global perspective. With high-achieving participants from over 50 countries, you’ll develop new skills and insights from a plethora of international perspectives, while also sharing your own professional expertise.

Propel your career

  • Stay ahead of the changing market. Get the technical skills you need to drive your career to the next stage and put them in practice right away in your organization.

Get ahead with fintech

  • Fintech is the future of finance. In this program, you’ll explore all the new trends and get the know-how you need to get your future-focused career up and running.

The way you learn

We bring education to you, so you can get the most out of it. Our approach isn’t just online or on campus – it’s blended.

We align and combine the best of technology, pedagogy and our world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment. Through our virtual campus, you get a challenging and highly interactive educational experience. The well-structured, faculty-led sessions fit into the modern professional’s busy schedule and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection.
Engage with other global professionals in synchronous and asynchronous sessions including interactive small groups where you work on real-world, industry-based case studies.

The Program

This 15-month program combines face-to-face residential periods and interactive online learning, allowing you to get ahead on your terms.

We provide a diverse, flexible and customizable environment that mirrors the latest market developments, allowing you to grow alongside a close cohort of professionals, eager to differentiate themselves in the competitive financial world.

The first two residential weeks kick off the program, with one more week taking place at the start of the second period, and the last coming just in time for graduation. These residential periods are essential to provide dynamic face-to-face learning, while also allowing you to network with classmates, companies and professors

Add value to your organization and financial markets through the practical use of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated financial tools and strategies available. Develop and strengthen your leadership abilities so you can make a lasting mark on the business world stage.


Intake: October
Length: 25 months
Location: Online + Madrid
Format: Part-time, so you can study while you work
Tuition Fee: €40,200

Si eres asociado de ASSET, tienes un 20% de descuento en este Máster.

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