GTR Mena Trade & Export Finance Conference 2018

The 15th instalment of this annual series features interactive sessions, country-specific workshops and the possibility to choose from different streams, making it stand out again as the most established and comprehensive market gathering for the Mena region’s trade experts, fintech innovators, bankers, government bodies and corporates of all sizes.

The event will provide 600+ elegates expected in attendance with different perspectives and a well-rounded outlook of the current geopolitical & economic situation in the OPEC. The conference will also address recurring topics such as the possibility of renewed US sanctions against Iran and their impact on oil prices, how disputes & sanctions are impacting hubs like Dubai, analyze these countries’ trade & export patterns, identify the new main trading partners of the UAE (like India and China), measure the impact of VAT on the GCC and its SMEs and answer concerns such as how companies assess the range of instruments available (to SMEs especially) and bank appetite for financing trade in the current climate, the financing of infrastructure projects and the relation between export credits and a potential debt increase.


Dubai, UAE

19-20 February, 2018

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